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client healing review zakarie

Zakarie O'Reilly, Electrician

Last year I was blessed to experience a shamanic healing from Junyi to help in my recovery from destructive self -harming behaviours. From more than 200 miles away I felt peace and love literally blown into my heart and lungs, then a feeling of light and spirit passed into my being through the crown of my head. Later that evening Junyi also relayed a message for me from a power animal that reminded me of my potential for a creative and happier way of living. A truly wonderful healing experience for which I shall retain the deepest gratitude.

client healing review emma

Emma, Project Manager, NHS

After the first session I was blown away by what I had experienced and so naturally I attended the sessions consecutively for around 4 months. The sessions really helped me to overcome what I was struggling with at that difficult time in my life. Learning my spirit guides helped me an incredible amount and I still call on them often to guide me in times of need. 

During the time of attending the journeying circle, Junyi also undertook a shamanic healing exercise with me at her home. This was an amazing experience, I felt much clearer and had a deeper understanding of my journey. Junyi was again very compassionate, attentive and professional. She listened to my deep inner feelings with great empathy and understanding. I believe this helped the healing ritual, enabling Junyi to deliver deeper healing. I was instantly relaxed around Junyi and felt safe the whole time I was with her. Her ability to get to the truth and speak clearly is so refreshing. I am so grateful I just can't say enough.

client healing review Lorna

Lorna Kerr, Yoga Teacher

I am deeply grateful for this profound and healing experience. I can’t thank Junyi enough for her time and energy. I experienced a deep sense of peace, wholeness, and felt supported and loved throughout. I deeply resonated with all of the feedback and guidance. I’m so glad I came across Junyi’s work and would wholeheartedly recommend her services. 

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