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Junyi Chew, shamanic practitioner

My interest in shamanism began when a Carlos Castaneda book fell on me in the back of a campervan. I devoured Castaneda's tales of don Juan, then searched for this magic during my years as a traveller, from the temazcal sweat lodges of Mexico to the Candomblé dances of Brazil, but it was to be back home in Britain that I would find the teachers I had been seeking. It was here, too, that I witnessed the transformative power of shamanic healing on a loved one.

In 2013, I began training at the Sacred Trust, Dorset, in the Path of Pollen, an extraordinary body of work that initiates women into the mysteries of hive and honeybee. While continuing to work with this tradition, I have now also completed a three year Professional Shamanic Practitioner training at the Sacred Trust. Here begins a new stage in my life journey. The path is as uncertain as any other, but as I deepen my connection with Spirit my footfalls become surer, bringing healing and insight into my life so that I may take this to others.

"Junyi is compassionate and attentive. You feel at home, relaxed and trusting in her presence. The information given after my healing session was so accurate. The healing was amazing, I feel much clearer and have a deeper understanding of my journey. Thank you so much, Junyi."                        

Gill Duffield, Homeopath

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