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What is it?


Shamanism has existed across cultures for millenia, and is based on the understanding that everything is alive and has consciousness. From a shamanic perspective, illness is an indicator of an imbalance in the spiritual realm. During a healing session, I work with my guides in this realm to find the energetic root cause of the problem. The methods of healing may include one or more of the following:


Soul retrieval – Traumatic events can cause the soul to fragment, and soul parts may fail to return, leaving a person feeling like they are missing portions of themselves. These soul parts may be brought back during a healing.


Extraction – Intrusions in the body caused by negative thought forms, whether self-generated or directed by others, may need to be removed.


Power Animal Retrieval – A loss of power can cause illness, and this power is often returned in the form of an animal guide.


Ancestral healing – Suffering and patterns carried down from previous generations can show up as problems in one’s life, and healing for the ancestors may be needed in order to dissolve these blockages.

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What does a session involve?

I am offering shamanic healing both remotely and in person. If you are attending in person, please allow up to 1.5 hours for the session. We will begin by discussing what you need healing for, then I will consult my spirit guides on what work needs to be done. You will be sitting or lying down in a comfortable position while the healing takes place, and afterwards I will give you details of what work has been done, and any integration that may be needed.


If the healing session is remote, we will discuss beforehand what you need healing for. You will then lie down in a comfortable place for an hour while I do the work, and I will contact you afterwards with the details.

Ideally, you will have some quiet time afterwards to rest and begin integrating the energies.


What can shamanic healing help with?

Shamanic healing can help with physical issues such as pain, injury or chronic illness. Mental and emotional problems can also be attended to, such as anxiety, relationship issues, or a feeling of being stuck in one's life. Sometimes, a dramatic shift takes place after a healing session. Other times, the healing is subtler part of an ongoing process. Often, a shamanic healing can be one step of many on the path towards greater wholeness, creativity and authenticity.

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